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Blunder Time

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Jun 2021

Blunder Time

A game about chess, yes, it is that simple, except, it isn't. In order to beat your opponent in this fearsome fog of war battle, intuition, careful planning and unusal strategies are key.

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In order to balance the game and to attract more inexperienced players, a new Patch has been released by the chess society. This caused a massive uproar all over the world, with protests occurring and people changing their kitchen floor tiles to black and white, but go and look for yourself.

In BlunderTime, you can only see the state of the chessboard, that your current pieces can see. This overthrows the current meta of thinking 10 moves in advance and makes the game much more reactive. For the over-thinkers, yes you can see the whole field, but only after sacrificing a turn. With all those pesky traps and opening strategies out of the way, the players can focus on the one thing chess was always meant to be, a game of utter chaos.

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Ever lost a piece in 5 continuous turns? In the old, boring chess that privilege was only granted to the best of strategists and made their opponents tremble in fear. With BlunderTime, everyone can do this and still look like a professional Player, pursuing tactics yet to unfold.

The Endgame was also completely reworked. Instead of trying to pass pawns to upgrade into stronger pieces, which can be completely denied by your opponent, the go-to way is now a sneak attack. Keep that rook out of sight for 2 to 3 turns and you can deliver the decisive blow.

Blunder Time game in progress

In the end, team up with your opponent to watch the game you played unfold and notice the game-changing Blunders both of you made. Or in newspeak, “unconventional strategies”. This can lead to hilarious situations, so it is best to play with opponents who can take a hit, or the same could happen to you, but in a more physical way.

To comply with the insanity of today’s tech market, the game is freely scalable in its window size. Due to efficient algorithms and upward compatibility, the new Gen consoles like the Samsung Smart fridge are also supported.
This just about sums things up. If you have really read this text you can send an email to the developer in order to pay for mental damage treatment that might have occurred from bad jokes and wordplays.

Blunder Time end of the game


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