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Geschwindigkeits zuWachs

Gameplay Programmer, Level Designer

Feb 2022


Two crayons racing for the win, but the fastest will not always win, time is also relevant. Manage the size of your crayon correctly, to earn the highest amount of points.

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Two crayons racing for the win, but with a twist: See, this is no ordinary split screen racing game. Being the first to finish will not automatically mean victory. Players have to think quickly and chose their path wisely in order to not lose too much wax on their way, as the winner is determined by time and crayon size. Who will be the fastest? Who will be the tallest? Play GeschwindigkeitszuWachs now and find out!

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GeschwindigkeitszuWachs was created by Hannah Tiefenthaler and me as a part of our GameDevelopment study at the university of applied sciences in Salzburg. It runs in a self coded C++ engine, which was developed by us over the course of the 3rd semester.

The limitations of a self written engine made a creative design very important to achieve an enjoyable game, which led to this 1v1 split screen idea of a racing game. The twist is that different surfaces consume different ammounts of wax, and do to the players beeing crayons, they abviously want to keep as much wax as possible.


Visuals by Hannah Tiefenthaler