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UI Design, Cut Scene Animation

Nov 2020


Rain is a wet Tower Defense Survival Shooter, where water is your most important resource.

Rain banner

You are on a desert planet with giant insects that want to eat you and your rocket.
Plant alien plants that help you defend against the evil bugs or fight them yourself with the one thing they hate more than anything else: water!

Use it to attack enemies, plant helpful plants, water them and make dry earth humid.

Whatever you need to do: Just add water!

Levels 1-4 are completely playable.
5 & 6 have yet to be implemented.

Rain was created within 48h during the MMarmelade 3rd GameJam and scored the 2nd place.


  • Left Mouse: Shoot Water
  • Right Mouse: Place humid earth
  • Space: Plant on humid earth
  • Escape: Open menu
Rain in game image 1
Rain in game image 2
Rain in game image 3
Rain in game image 4


Lead Developer

Florian Lechner

Lead Art Designer

Thomas Mayr

VFX Sounds, Level Design

Daniel Lainer

Projectile Development

Georg Billinger